Below are photos of jumps suitable for Intro and Beginner Novice.
To watch the slide show, click on the right and left arrows.

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Baby Ditch
This is the "baby" ditch. It is only 2 ft wide
and a foot deep and a great way to
introduce your horse to ditches.
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Pond Log Stack
This is a smaller log stack near the pond.
It can be jumped after the baby ditch.
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Intro Oxer
The smallest distance between the front and back
rails is "zero" making this the easiest oxer.
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Intro Shed
The Small Shed that can be jumped from both sides.
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Intro Drop into Water
Looking at the 2 foot drop into water.
Also can jump up the bank from the water.
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Intro Drop into Water
Looking from the 2 foot drop into water.
Drop in, go across the water, and out the ramp.
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Smiliing Log
A great warm-up log to get you started
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Field Jump
This jump's height can be adjusted
for the level of the horse/rider.
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Red Top Roll Top
Another Intro jump that can be approached from
both sides and is inviting to the horse
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Lattice Log
A simple Log jump with a different look.
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Low Telephone Pole
A narrow and low pole jump
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Telephone Pole Stack
Another low jump made of stacked
Telephone poles.
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Downhill Log and Stones
A low log jump with a downhill landing.
This jump scares the rider more than the horse.
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Portable Log Stack
An inviting and slightly larger log stack
that can be part of a simple course.
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Raised T pole stack
A smaller jump that can be used in combination
with the Novice drop into water or as a single jump.
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Hogback and Stone Wall
For the Beginner Novice Rider - on the left is a hogsback jump
and on the right is a stone wall with a top rail.
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Raised Log
This Raised Log is more of a challenge
than the Smiling Log

Below are photos of jumps suitable for Beginner Novice, Novice, and Training.
To watch the slide show, click on the right and left arrows.

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Blue Bench
A double-sided bench like on many
XC courses
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The old narrow coop
Only 5 foot wide with a narrow flat top
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Produce Stand
One of the only jumps that can't be jumped
from both directions.
Has some "fruity" decorations to give it color.
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The Arrowheads
Together, these make a very different looking jump.
They can be separated to make "skinny" jumps and
can be placed so that they make a more difficult
combination jump for Training level.
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Open Sheds Combination
These can be jumped separately or, for more difficulty,
they can be jumped on a bending line.
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Thanksgiving Oxer
A straight-forward over that was the first XC
jump built on Thanksgiving weekend, 1995.
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Cordwood Coop
Another cordwood looking jump with an
ascending face. This is Novice height.
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Half Rounds Coop
A simple coop with vertical half-rounds on one face
and horizontal half-rounds on the other face.
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Black Locust Logs Stack
A square-faced log stack
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Old Cordwood Jump
This jump is at the bottom of the laneway leading
out to the jump field.
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Rimmy's Repose
A bigger oxer filled in with juniper brush that
the deer are trying to kill. This jump was built
over my first horse's (Rimmy Jims) grave.
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Smaller Cordwood Coop
Identical to the other Cordwood Coop in the field
but of Beginner Novice height and placed along the
paddock fence line.
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Cedar Log stack
Another straight-forward log stack.
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Tire Jump
Not seen much anymore but still a useful type
of jump. A pole can be added above the tires to
increase the height.
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Novice Roll Top
Roll tops are always inviting to the horse
and the rider.
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Vertical Half-Rounds Coop
Placed between the water jump and bank complex
this jump can be used alone or in combination with
the water or banks.
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Brown and Red See-Thru
A flat top coop with a different look.
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Small Log Stack
Can be jumped separately or in combination with
the Novice or Training drop into water
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Bank Complex
Looking up at the various banks. At the top right
you can see a narrow jump that can be used in
combination with the banks.
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Bank Complex
A view to show the lower banks that can be jumped
as drops down. A bit hard to see, but the bank closest in the photo, has a small open ditch in front of it. This should be jumped uphill.
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Narrow Bench
A bench on one side and horizontal half rounds
on the other side.
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Green Roll Top
A more substantial roll top, for the Training level
riders - almost Prelim height.
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Novice/Training Drops into Water
To the left is a Novice-sized drop and to it's right
is a training drop. Another Nov/Tr drop can be
seen across the water jump.
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Training Downhill Log
A big log set back a stride from the
downhill slope.
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Novice Big Log
Just a big, inviting log.